Hi everyone and welcome to the April 2018 edition of the “Which Is Best?” series.

Last month I placed two C64 games against each other, they were B.C’s Quest For Tyres & B.C. II – Grog’s Revenge asking you which in your minds was the better game and after counting all the votes I can now reveal Quest For Tyres is the winner gaining 17 votes with B.C II receiving just 8 votes, B.C. II was getting hammered but managed to gain a few votes near the end, these games didn’t get much attention mainly I think due to Grog’s Revenge was not that well remembered but thanks for everyone who took part!

This month I’m going to place the classic Amiga Chaos Engine games against each other.
Now, I had a feeling that Chaos 1 would storm this but to my surprise there is actuall a Chaos 2 fan following across the web so I thought ok let’s see.
I have been as fair as I can with these two games showing 1 stage of each world on both games including bosses and endings so both games have their fair share of the limelite, which do you think is the better game?!, only your votes will determine that,…happy voting! 😀

VOTING CLOSES 15th May 2018.