We here at CineFix are committed to enlightening our viewers about quality films. The classics in every genre, one might say. Today, we’re exploring the reasons everyone should see Predator, and see it as soon as possible. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/9AGRm

Michael Truly has used his vast film knowledge to distill this icon of cinema into its 10 essential attributes. The result? 10 very good reasons to watch Predator that you can share at any cinefile gathering.

Do you agree with our assessments of why Predator is a must watch? Are you going to turn this car around and watch Predator NOW? Like, NOW?!? What other classics of film would you like to see Truly’s wise analysis of?

Ten Reasons You Need To Watch Predator (or else!) is brought to you by CineFix, Michael Truly, the letter P, the Offices of The Governor of Minnesota and California, and other fine sponsors.

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