10 Weird and not so cute things girls do that guys find adorable!
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Living in a world that is obsessed with being perfect, it’s easy for women to get carried away. From fake tans to perfect teeth, girls are starting to become cookie cutter versions of each other. If you take a step back and learn to embrace your flaws, you may be surprised to learn that someone is falling in love with the things that make you unique. From being a snorter, to having crooked teeth, these are 10 ugly things guys love about girls.

Men love to know that the woman they are dating has a good appetite. There is nothing more annoying to them than a woman who orders a salad, then eats the food off their date’s plate. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get messy and eat a burger or Buffalo wings. In fact, men find it cute and enjoy watching you make a mess of yourself. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. So next time you are dining out with your man, skip the salad and go straight for the burger, your tummy and your man will thank you for it!

There is good news for girls who snort; men love it! The reason why guys like snorting so much is because a snort is hard to fake. You can fake a smile or a giggle, but when you snort it means you are letting out a genuine laugh. This let’s the guy know you think he is funny, which is complete validation for him. So don’t hold back when it comes to laughing, and let that cute snort out! Chances are someone is falling in love with your nerdy laugh.

Many women all over the world are insecure about the shape of their bodies. From spending hours in the gym to dropping thousands on plastic surgery, women will do anything for a flat midsection. It may be surprising to learn that men don’t really mind a flabby tummy; in fact, they are actually hard wired to find this attractive. Men understand that having nice curves usually comes with a little bit of a pooch, and this actually lets a man know you are fertile. Our brains still have primal wiring, and when a guy sees a seemingly fertile woman, he will find her attractive. So don’t worry if you don’t have rock hard abs, the right guy will think you are sexy regardless!

One thing almost all women are terrified of are signs of aging. But, if you haven’t noticed, there has been a rise of younger men dating older women! Now, most of the time, we don’t think aging is considered sexy, but with life expectancy extending, women are aging better than ever. Take a look at celebrities who are ages 40 and older, they are looking better as they age, and men are starting to take notice. Even if you aren’t seeing younger men, and you have been with the same man for years, they actually enjoy watching you age gracefully. So don’t worry if you are getting starting to wrinkle or getting grey hair, with age comes experience, which can be very attractive.

Girls will be happy to know that their lazy day hairstyle is actually a big turn on for men. It’s your day off, and you don’t feel like washing your hair, chances are it will end up in a ponytail at the top of your head. Even if you don’t feel the most attractive in this moment, a majority of men find this look irresistible. The reasoning is because men love being able to see your beautiful face. Having long hair that is constantly covering your face makes you look different. So, when your hair is up men get to see the real you, and they love being able to see all of you!

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