Here is a compilation of Christopher Walken impressions based largely on your suggestions in the comment section of my other videos. Finally a nice run through of talking Walken so that you, the viewer, can fire off comments of who you think does the best impression of the iconic actor. I used to hang my hat on Jay Mohr’s impersonation but I don’t know anymore. There are so many great Christopher Walken impressions that I’m not sure who is my favorite.

First up to bat is Craig Gass. He’s most well known for his outstanding Pacino but here he lays down a pretty solid Walken impersonation to show that he’s not just a one trick pony. Next up is veteran comedian/actor Kevin Pollak. He’s always had a good bag of tricks when it comes to impersonating other actors and he’s right on the money with his Hollywood party story.

Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey was probably the most requested Christopher Walken impression in the comment section. Here’s a fun fact about Spacey – he got his start in showbiz by doing standup comedy.

Lex Luthor might be a hard character to escape from but not for Michael Rosenbaum who’s gone on to star in many successful shows and movies. Here he shows us why he deserves to be on the Look Who’s Talking Walken list of impersonators. Titus Welliver is best known for his more serious roles but he continues to delight YouTubers with his Christopher Walken impression.

Seasoned comedian Jay Mohr is known for his bang on impression of Walken. He even starred with the actor in the very entertaining kidnapping thriller “Suicide Kings”.

I will never forget Geoffrey Arend from his small but funny role in “Super Troopers” and for the fact he went on to marry the gorgeous Christina Hendricks. But kudos to him for both and for his outstanding Christopher Walken impression.

Nolan North is about as famous as any voice over actor could be. He’s lent his voice to countless….well everything. And of why shouldn’t a man who makes his living off his voice not be able to do a bang on job of impersonating Christopher Walken.

The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg has an impressive array of impersonations including the world famous actor. This is the first time I’ve heard of Timothy Banfield and I was a little freaked out a first. LOL. That Walken Faceswap filter is pretty freaky.

Bradley Cooper has proven himself a versatile actor who’s range starts at bust a gut comedies like The Hangover and ends at Academy Award nominated dramas (he’s been nominated 4 times). So what else does Cooper have up his sleeve? Why none other than a Christopher Walken impression.

Much like Nolan North, Troy Baker is a well known voice actor who can go toe-to-toe with anybody’s Walken impersonation. Aussie funny man Anthony Ahren does a hilarious skit where he plays Christopher Walken who is busy in the kitchen cooking a chicken.

Chris Pine’s impression probably surprised me the most. I’ve really liked his portrayal of Captain Kirk, as well as a few other roles he’s been in, but honestly, I would have never expected this good a Walken out of him.

Ross Marquand is quickly making a name for himself as a very talented actor who can also do a gaggle of impressions like nobody’s business. Jim Meskimen channels his inner Walken and recites a haiku poem as the actor. And last but certainly not least is the underrated talent Dave Coyne belting out another solid Christopher Walken impression.

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