Hello Everyone!
Welcome back! Sorry it took a while to get back into creating videos for you all! You’ll love this one. This video is solely dedicated to festival looks from Boohoo.com. I really wanted to show you how you can style and use the same items in different ways! I have always loved styling and the best part is purchasing items that you are to use several times and can give different looks to them. Plus, it helps that everything from Boohoo is super affordable! In addition, Boohoo has given me a personalized discount code that you can use through the end of April, “SOOSAVYY55”. I included links to each of my items for you guys so you can have easy access to these looks! Hope you love this vid as much as I had fun making it for you!
Xx Sav

Discount Code: SOOSAVYY55

Links to clothing items:

-Size L
Premium Lace cupped Bralette -https://bit.ly/2VfP6rl

-Size L
Boo U Leggings- https://bit.ly/2OFsUoa

-Size 8 US/Size 6 UK
Neon Clear Strap Mules- https://bit.ly/2Id67P4

-Size 8 US/Size 12UK
Slinky Triangle Bracelet & Hot Pant Co-ord- https://bit.ly/2FO1J6i

-Size 8 US/Size 12 UK
Sheer Mesh Wide Leg Trousers- https://bit.ly/2uGaWsr

-Size 8 US/Size 12 UK
Mesh Ruched Midiaxi Dress- https://bit.ly/2TWBpfG

-Size 8 US/Size 12 UK
Neon High Leg Bikini (sold out), link festival drop down – https://bit.ly/2I3bH6O

-Size 8 US/Size 12 UK
Slinky Bracelet & Split Maxi Skirt Co-ord- https://bit.ly/2VcPUxj

-Size L
Lace Beach Trousers- https://bit.ly/2I8oLrn

-Size 8 US/Size 6 UK
Cleated Peptone Lace Up Sandals- https://bit.ly/2Vccfec

-Size 12 US/Size 16 UK
Distressed Denim Shorts- https://bit.ly/2UpYpYt

-Size L
Zig Zag Beach Trouser – https://bit.ly/2WEtxAZ

-Size 8 US/Size 12 UK
Mix & Match Push Up Balconette Top- https://bit.ly/2WIhymc

-Size 10 US/Size 14 UK
Neon Binding Short Sleeve Bodycon dress- https://bit.ly/2OILpb3

-Size 8 US/Size 6 UK
Chunky Sole Lace Up Hiker Sneakers -https://bit.ly/2I8VNYG

Boho Filigree Beaded Earrings- https://bit.ly/2FNTUh2

Tonal Skinny Sunglasses- https://bit.ly/2FMgLd3

Single Chain Body Chain- https://bit.ly/2CQqgXP

Diamante Anklet- https://bit.ly/2OGTddA

Metal Trim Toe Post Sandals, (sold out) sandal drop down- https://bit.ly/2I0yP6T

-Size L
Seam Free Bra Set- https://bit.ly/2Ub2osG

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Crazy- Tori Levett

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