FullyRaw Vegan Easter Banana Ice Cream for Springtime! Try this pastel colored and raw vegan nice cream recipe to celebrate the new season! It’s delicious, healthy, and colorful! Enjoy my friends!

I’m so excited to be back in the kitchen with you today to make FullyRaw Easter Nice Cream or simply fun and delicious raw vegan banana ice cream for springtime! Dairy-free, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and healthy! There’s no better treat than a soft-serve of banana nice cream on a gorgeous spring day! This isn’t just any nice cream though…this nice cream is colorful, light, low-fat, cruelty-free, and even nutritious! The best part about this recipe is that you can make more than one to share with family and friends. Using jars for this ice cream means you can make as many of these as you need for a party, celebration, and more. It’s simply amazing!

I am sharing this nice cream recipe to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter for those of you who celebrate Easter. All you will need is a vitamix blender and some mason jars.

The main ingredient of this nice cream is bananas! We are going bananas you guys. To prep, take approximately 8 or more ripe, speckled bananas based upon how many jars you are making, and peel and freeze the bananas overnight. Then, in separate bowls, you will need some frozen raspberries or beet powder to make pink, blueberry powder to make blue, blackberries to make purple, spirulina to make green, and turmeric to make yellow. When ready, we are going to blend about a tablespoon worth of each color separately with approximately 2 frozen bananas.

PURPLE: We will start off by blending the bananas with a tablespoon of raw blueberry powder or 5-6 blackberries for the purple. Then, we will add this layer into the bottom of the jar.

YELLOW: Then, we will blend about 2 bananas with a tablespoon of raw turmeric powder then pour this on top of our purple nice cream.

BLUE: Next up, we will blend about 2 bananas with a tablespoon of raw blueberry powder or blue spirulina then pour this on top of our mellow yellow nice cream.

PINK: And after that, we will continue by blending 5-6 raspberries with approximately 2 bananas to make the pink, then we will spread this on top of our blue banana nice cream.

GREEN: And lastly, we will blend our bananas with a small teaspoon of spirulina, then pour this beautiful green on top of our pink nice cream.

After this, feel free to decorate the top of your ice cream however you wish! I love piping on extra nice cream on top, or you can sprinkle on some fruit as well!

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