To no one’s surprise, Homer gets into a random street fight. He loses and gets badly injured during the process. It will require a dangerous surgery to fix.

This video was inspired by the blow up the hospital line. Of course we all know what was gonna happen after that lol. But it was still a lot of fun to make. There wasn’t any real big edits done here, not photoshopping or lip syncing, just the tedious task of finding proper complimentary clips and putting them together.

List of Episodes Used (Video + Audio)(12):
– S03E05 – Homer Defined
– S03E20 – Colonel Homer
– S04E11 – Homer’s Triple Bypass
– S04E14 – Brother from the Same Planet
– S04E18 – So It’s Come to This A Simpsons Clip Show
– S04E20 – Whacking Day
– S05E13 – Homer and Apu
– S08E21 – The Old Man and the Lisa
– S10E04 – Treehouse of Horror IX
– S10E06 – D’oh-in’ in the Wind
– S10E08 – Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble
– S12E10 – Pokey Mom

Thank you and as always, please enjoy!