Naptime at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is interrupted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is conducting a surprise inspection and employee audit. Homer’s skills are tested and not only is he found to be incompetent, he causes a nuclear meltdown. The NRC inspectors demand that Homer either take college courses to obtain the necessary credentials or else Mr. Burns will face criminal charges. Burns gets Homer enrolled at Springfield University, where he acts like an immature adolescent. When he continues to act like a know-it-all in physics class, the professor has enough and asks him to demonstrate a proton accelerator; Homer causes another meltdown. Homer is asked to hire a tutor, and does: nerds Benjamin, Gary and Doug. Instead of applying himself, Homer sees the three nerds have no social life and decides to teach them how to party. He get’s them expelled. In a scheme to get them re- admitted, Homer runs over the Dean with the intention of the nerds pushing him out of the way before he gets hit. The plan fails, the Dean get run over and admitted to Hospital.