Where is Danish spoken? What does the language look like? What is stød?

This video gives a brief but thorough overview of the Danish language, covering its geographical distribution, pronunciation, grammar, dialectal variation and much more.

• In the sample text, I have changed a name to a pronoun to avoid spoilers.
• For pedagogical reasons, I transcribe some of the sounds (most notably [ɛ æ a]) with IPA values that more closely reflect how these sounds are actually pronounced, but which differ from how they are normally transcribed in descriptions of Danish phonology ([æ a ɑ]).

• The Danish word ‘mark’ doesn’t mean ‘ground’, but rather ‘field’.
A big thank you to Lise Horneman Hansen, PhD, and Marc D. S. Volhardt, MA, for their help, especially with regards to Danish pronunciation! Mange tak til jer!

Music by Thomas Brok.
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