Klovn – Hejsan, Sverige (S04E08)

Melinda Kinnaman, Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen och Lars Hjortshøj.

Klovn – Season 1-6 out now on DVD.

Klovn (English: Clown) is a Danish sitcom, which first aired on the Danish TV channel TV2 Zulu. It focuses on the life of the main character Frank (played by Frank Hvam) and builds the comedy around quiet everyday situations, social awkwardness, uncomfortable silences and general faux pas.
Klovn shares many concepts with the American sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm by Larry David, notably the main concept of a semi-retired comedian encountering humorous and embarrasing situations, along with his wife, friends and celebrity acquaintances. The show is also held in a pseduo-realistic style, where a first-time viewer might be in doubt of whether or not the show is staged. In spite of this, in its closing credits, the show is claimed to be an original idea by Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam.
The sitcom consists of 60 episodes spread over 6 seasons, each episode lasting 25 minutes. The sixth season, which is said to be the last, has been airing since 23rd of February 2009.