In This Scene: James Bond (Sean Connery) gets handcuffed to a bomb and is lowered into the vault of Fort Knox. One of Goldfinger’s henchmen is thrown off a balcony by Oddjob and Bond retrieves the man’s keys to unlock his handcuffs. Before Bond can disarm the bomb, Oddjob races down the stairs and attacks. Bond retrieves Oddjob’s lethal hat and throws it at him, but misses. Oddjob tries to recover it, but Bond picks up a severed cable and brushes the exposed wiring to the metal bars, electrocuting Oddjob through the metal in his own hat.

Fun Facts: The recreation of the Fort Knox repository was incredibly accurate considering no one involved in the film had been allowed inside the real location. Sean Connery hurt his back during this fight sequence with Oddjob and the incident delayed filming. Harold Sakata (Oddjob) severely burned his hand while reaching for his hat when filming his death scene, but he was determined to do it right and held on until director Guy Hamilton yelled: “Cut!”

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This scene was cut and modified from its original version by AVM to fit time constraints. Purchase Goldfinger to watch the full Fort Knox battle scene, which includes Goldfinger and his men against Army troops.

From “Goldfinger” (1964)
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