Get cozy with this FullyRaw Persimmon Nog this Thanksgiving! It satisfies the spot and even brings you that comforting nostalgia of sitting by the fire! Because this recipe involves no heating and only 5 simple ingredients, it’s fast and easy to make! Feel guilt-free about this healthy holiday low-fat raw vegan creation, and share this love in a glass with your friends and family — show them how good healthy can be! If you’re thankful, give a Thumbs Up and say CHEERS! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs!

Please subscribe to for more tips, tricks, and recipes on how to go FullyRaw! Hope that you all enjoy this recipe and bring it with you wherever you go this holiday season! There is no reason to feel like you cannot be healthy or social during this time! Inspire others through their bellies, ultimately leading to more goodness in their hearts! They will LOVE this drink as much as you and me! Hugs!

2 Young Coconuts (Water and Meat Inside)
2 RIPE OOuueey Guey Persimmons
15-20 Fresh Dates Pitted
Half a Tablespoon of Cinnamon
Dash of Nutmeg

Blend all ingredients in a Vitamix, pour into a perfect persimmon glass, and enjoy with your loved ones!

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